Saatchis and Toyota invent water test for emissions-conscious Swedish drivers

Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden and Toyota have combined to launch a water test for emissions-conscious Swedish drivers which encourages them to download a sponsored Apple app which shows them the effect their driving would have on a real glass of water plonked on their dashboard (spill it usually).

If they can drive carefully without spilling it then they will cut their fuel consumption by up to ten per cent and thereby, so the agency reckons, save up to two million tons of carbon emissions a year, a tenth of the annual Swedish output.

Toyota Sweden boss Ulf Winberg calls the campaign “a mental glass of water” and says it will not just reduce emissions but cut down on accidents too. The website also includes stats and games and allows non iPhone users to participate.

Toyota prides itself on its green credentials, having introduced the first mass market hybrid cars in 1997. Its Prius brand has since gone on to be a world best-seller.

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