Rupert Murdoch’s worst friend Michael Wolff takes over at Adweek

His actual title is editorial director, which can mean a lot or hardly anything at all, but Michael Wolff, Rupert Murdoch’s recent biographer, is the new big signing for e5 Global Media (where do they get these names from?) which is the private equity-funded company that bought various Nielsen trade magazines in the US including Adweek.

The company, which clearly has ambitions, now also owns Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter and the Clio awards.

Whether or not these ambitions will be furthered by hiring Rupert Murdoch’s noisy bete noire remains to be seen.

At first the News Corporation boss seems to have taken to Wolff, then a writer for Vanity Fair, when he gave him 50 hours of interviews with him and the family as Wolff was preparing his biography ‘The man who owns the media.’ Murdoch probably didn’t know the title at the time.

Wolff then produced an unvarnished account of Murdoch and his empire and is now very unpopular indeed with the Murdoch clan.

So will the killer dingoes descend on e5 Global Media? Very likely.

And what’s in it for e5? Well a lot of publicity for a start and a very classy media writer. More interesting, for our particular constituency anyway, is what effect will Wolff have on Adweek’s (and MediaWeek’s and BrandWeek’s) coverage of advertising?

Well his dad Lewis was an adman so maybe he’ll take more interest than some people think.

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