Range Rover floods Twitter with army of paid Evoque ‘fans’

It’s one thing to put your headlines on Twitter (as we do) but quite another to round up an army of B-list celebs and pay them to plug your products without letting on (we think).

That’s what Jaguar Land Rover is doing to promote its new ‘baby’ Range Rover the Evoque via a 40-strong line-up that includes model Daisy Lowe, presenter Ben Shephard, who was once on GMTV apparently, and rent-a-columnist Dylan Jones, editor of GQ.

In the US Tweeters are required to reveal that they’re being paid but no such rule exists in the UK.

You can’t really blame the celebs that much, they get paid handsomely for a few instalments of 140 characters and get to drive around in what is probably a very nice car.

But this campaign and others represent a woeful lack of transparency on the part of Twitter and the advertiser (or whatever the right term for the company dishing out the dosh is).

Earlier this year Twitter introduced sponsored Tweets to try to provide a channel for companies to market themselves (and pay Twitter of course).

Looks like some of them have escaped the net.

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