Music and sports celebs lead silent ‘music’ video for Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday, which marks the end of World War 1 in the UK but which has an uncomfortable contemporary relevance as the number of casualties among British troops in Afghanistan mounts, is on November 14 this year.

The Royal British Legion has produced a silent two-minute video which it’s hoping will become the most-watched ‘music’ video in the UK, thereby being played on the BBC’s pop music station Radio 1 on the day, the only time the station has shut up for two minutes apparently.

The film was made by 2AM Films and directed by Matthew Donaldson.

A gimmick or a clever way of reminding young people in particular of the sacrifices made by individual members of the armed forces?

This trailer for the full film features Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, Dr Who actor David Tennant and sportsmen Martin Johnson and Andy Murray.

‘Poppy day’ as it used to known has become a bit of an issue in Britain, the commemorative poppies being sported earlier and earlier to demonstrate the patriotism and compassion of, among others, BBC presenters who seem festooned by them.

Which is also rather uncomfortable.

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