Former MDC top creative Alex Bogusky sets out to lead new consumer revolution

MDC Partners, the company that owns Crispin Porter + Bogusky, should have seen it coming when it appointed top creative Alex Bogusky as its ‘chief insurgent officer.’

This spectacularly daft title, in a business that prides itself on creating such, evidently gave Alex a taste for this insurgency lark and he’s since left the agency to set up a new consumerist website Fearless Revolution and indeed a movement comprising ‘insurgents in the new consumer revolution.’ No prizes for guessing the head insurgent.

Bogusky, a twenty-year agency veteran, may indeed be right about the need for such a movement although the world is hardly short of consumer groups. His initial aim is to lobby for a new Consumer Bill of rights in the US to replace the one brought in all of 49 years ago by president John Kennedy.

Whether or not Bogusky will go as far as offering a full mea culpa for his highly successful activities among the persuaders of advertising we have yet to see.

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