James May to front Fuller’s campaign, is he now the top dog at Top Gear?

There are many reasons to choose Top Gear presenter James May to front a campaign for Fuller’s London Pride beer. He’s a noted beer fan (appearing as a rather grumpy beer champion in a very boring programme with wine expert Oz Clarke a couple of years ago) and lives around the corner from the Fuller’s brewery in Chiswick, West London.

But May, long the quiet man of the Top Gear motoring trio alongside star of the show Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond of high-speed crashes and Morrisons fame, has been quietly making a reputation for himself as a bit more than a superannuated petrolhead.

He’s fronted programmes on engineering and Britain’s industrial heritage and generally comes across as more genuinely brainy than his two confreres.

Hammond, now thankfully restored after pranging a car at 200mph, seems to have lost his gig as a spokesman for Morrisons. Clarkson doesn’t seem to do advertising although maybe I’ve missed it.

Clarkson has not had the best of times over the past two years. He lost a load of money in AIG bonds recommended by his bank Coutt’s and his arch enemy, former Mirror editor Piers Morgan with whom he famously came to blows at a Press Awards dinner, is off to America to take over from Larry King and will be much more famous than Clarkson.

Who’ll sign up Jeremy for a career-reviving advertising gig? Coke Zero needs someone to replace Wayne Rooney.

Maybe not…

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    Espero que la cerveza no pase de un simple anuncio porque James May está en el alge de su carrera proficional como para dejarse llevar por el alcohol. Desde que empezó con el vino ha ganado peso y su abdomen se está quedando protuberante. Que sea solo un anuncio.