Grey wins Sony Bravia international brief, so has Anomaly been fired?

Apparently not, according to Campaign, as Anomaly remains its ‘agency of record.’ But it’s not much good being one of those when a big juicy international campaign for Sony Bravia TVs goes to another agency.

Anomaly only picked up Bravia this year, producing its first campaign in May. At the time the switch out of award-winning Fallon UK seemed peculiar as the agency’s ‘bouncing balls’ campaign had put Bravia into a league of its own in what had become a commodity TV set market.

Anomaly also lost its global Diesel account in double quick time earlier this year, the account moving to Argentina’s Santo agency.

All of this could say something about Anomaly, maybe the difficulty of being an ‘integrated’ media-neutral agency and as good at telly as conventional creative agencies. It certainly says something about Sony which has embarked on what seems to be a never-ending process of agency change. Maybe Sony, like a growing number of clients, simply wants to cherry pick a new agency for each new campaign.

In which case it might have seemed sensible to give the business back to Fallon, now Saatchi Fallon in the UK.

Anyway it’s very nice for Grey which will be running a campaign in Europe and Africa, and maybe further afield. Since the agency was acquired by WPP a decade ago it has dumped its reputation for being hopeless creatively by producing some decent work and expanding out of its traditional client base of drug giant GSK and Procter & Gamble.

In another coup for WPP (has Sir Martin Sorrell been working his charms on Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer?) its new digital-based start-up True Worldwide has won a £5m pre-Christmas campaign to promote Sony electronic products and Sony Centre shops. TBWA was the incumbent for this bit of business, assuming there still are incumbent agencies in Sonyland.

True Worldwide’s founders include a couple of former Razorfish execs although this particular campaign doesn’t sound very digital. But no doubt Sony knows what it’s up to.

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