Was it really a good idea to make DJ Chris Evans a Ryder Cup radio commentator?

The BBC has done a noble job in making its Radio 5 coverage of the Ryder Cup interesting (it’s been raining most of the time) but its decision to make golf-mad Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans a fully-fledged commentator doesn’t seem to have been a happy one.

Evans, who was supposed to be a ‘roving reporter’ (there for the occasional bit of light relief) stood in for seasoned hand Clare Balding on the actual course today (Sunday) when she was sent off the cover the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe horse race.

The producers tried to hedge their bets by sending him out with former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, who obviously does know something about golf, but Gallacher’s exasperation was apparent as Evans mixed up the players and mis-read what they were about to do next. The latter is quite important on the radio. And midway through proceedings Evans seemed to disappear from the airwaves.

Did Gallacher try to strangle Evans? Or did a passing competitor whack him with his Calloway?

Radio 5, like most of the BBC’s sports department, seems to believe that sports coverage is improved by shoehorning as many celebs as possible into it. It isn’t, as today’s events clearly demonstrate.

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    Sadly Bernard Gallagher failed to throttle him. There should be a prize for doing it, maybe the lottery can help?