George Lois rants against the Mad Men boom that helps bring him business

It may surprise some on this side of the pond to learn that former angry young man George Lois, one of the famous New York admen of the 1960s, is still mixing it with the best of them, partly as a result of the great Mad Men success.

According to Barbara Lippert of AdWeek, George has benefited from a documentary film, Art and Copy, a look back at the golden age of US advertising, which was produced by the One Club in New York as a practical way for the ad industry to promote itself on the back of the cult series.

George says that he’s been approached by several clients as a result of his appearance in the Art and Copy film. Not that he wants to give Mad Men any credit for setting the whole thing in motion. Quite the contrary, as this passage from an essay he wrote for Playboy demonstrates.

“The more I think and write about Mad Men, the more I take the show as a personal insult”, he writes. That’s just George warming up. After a while he lets it all out.

“So fuck you, Mad Men, you phony, gray-flannel-suit, male-chauvinist, no-talent, WASP, white-shirted, racist, anti-Semitic, Republican SOBs.”

Good to see that George has lost none of his energy and managed to turn into an angry old man.

This is George the Don Draper lookalike circa 1967.

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    Is this really George Lois ? I met him a few years later and he looked great, grey haired, distinguished and lined, rather similar to the film director Joseph Losey, but not a bit like this bland model. What is the provenance of this picture ?