David Miliband adviser hopes for better luck with Lexington after losing battle against Ed

Now that the boy David has retreated to the back benches after his agonisingly close battle with his brother Ed to secure the Labour Party leadership, his backroom team is breaking up, with assorted communications and spins experts heading off for the luxuriant pastures of the private PR sector.

Notable among the departures is Lisa Tremble, who is to become a director at lobbying firm Lexington, where she will work on corporate and pubic affairs clients.

It may be regarded as a bold move by Lexington, since some unkind souls would argue that there seems to have been a “Curse of Tremble” at work in the corridors of power over the last few years.

Before working for the elder Miliband, Tremble was a special adviser to another arch-Blairite James Purnell, who last year tried to lead a revolt against Gordon Brown but found his supposed allies melting away once he went public with his dissatisfaction. Purnell is now out of politics altogether.

And Lisa has also worked as head of communications at the UK Film Council, yes, the very same body that is about to abolished by the Coalition.

Purnell, Film Council, David Miliband, all consigned to history. People will be wondering who’s next on Lisa’s list?

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