Costa coffee makes UK ad debut with a bit of the bard from Karmarama

Costa coffee, a chain of coffee shops owned by Whitbread, is one of the successes of the new, improved British high street.

In my neck of the woods you even see people jogging home with a takeaway Costa; strange days indeed, most peculiar honey, as one very lamented musical bard put it (John Lennon).

And its first-ever commercial from Karmarama references the bard, William Shakespeare, in that it dramatises the old notion that if enough monkeys sat at enough typewriters they would produce the complete works of Shakespeare. But by that time all the editors would be dead surely?

Anyway, here it is:

The monkeys are trying (and failing) to make perfect coffee, rather than plays or sonnets. As you no doubt worked out.

Agency Karmarama is quite interesting; it was started by two refugees from Channel 4’s in-house ad department and then seemed to be going nowhere. But recently it’s started to pick up business.

Is this ad good? Well, it isn’t bad…

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