Aussies ban Lara Stone ‘gang rape ad’ for Calvin Klein jeans

Well they would, wouldn’t they if that indeed is what’s going on?

In fact it’s pretty difficult to tell what exactly is occurring in this Calvin Klein poster although Lara, recently married to British comedian and writer David Walliams, is clearly receiving the attentions of a group of men who may or may not be friends. And hanging on to her Calvins.

In reality it’s another bit of high fashion raunch that somehow isn’t as raunchy as it’s supposed to be because it’s, well, high fashion and grainy.

But the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau has made up its mind that it’s a gang rape and so be it.

Which means that Calvin Klein will save on its media budget while it garners all that free publicity of course. But we’ve been here before, pregnant nuns and all.

Anyway it’s certainly no way to treat a lady who was recently voted the world’s top model.

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