Apple and Roku give early taste of internet-meets-TV with network shows for $1

Both of them are flawed, according to New York Times writer David Pogue, but they’re out now in the US and quite cheap.

The most interesting aspects (obviously reflecting what the companies see as the most marketable properties) are the film rental offers (Roku’s deal with Amazon seems to trump Apple) and the ability to buy TV shows for $1 a time.

This is clearly a boon for cable viewers in the US and will send a rare shiver of alarm to UK companies like Sky and Virgin that depend on selling viewers expensive packages of some stuff they want and a hell of a lot they don’t.

The problem, apparently, is persuading the networks to sell their goodies in a piecemeal way. And, as far as these two companies are concerned, the forthcoming unveiling of Google’s Android-based TV.

Anyway, Mr Pogue’s musings are well worth a read.

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