UK’s Drinkaware to spend £100m through AMV – maybe they should just run this student film

Drinkaware is the body, funded by the booze industry, trying to make customers drink less, or not drink it all at once.

It says it’s going to spend £100m over five years through Omnicom-owned agency AMV on this noble cause, including a big social media campaign involving a game on Facebook which describes people’s behaviour when they’re pissed.

Drinkaware could do a lot worse than run this film made by Durham Students Union in which four union officers, two boys and two girls, drink their weekly allotment of alcohol units (21 for the boys, 14 for the girls) in one night. It’s timed to coincide with ‘Freshers’ week when new students are inducted into the joys of college life by getting absolutely slaughtered.

It’s a bit long for a commercial (and the lighting isn’t all it might be although maybe that’s deliberate) but with £100m to spend Drinkaware could afford to give it an airing.

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