Twitter takes on Facebook with pictures and video

Twitter is redesigning its site to include more pictures and video including deals with photo-sharing site Flickr and YouTube. The aim is to get people to stay on the site longer rather than clicking on links in tweets which take them to other sites.

The aim is to clearly to take on Facebook in the community stakes by turning its huge number of fleeting visitors (78 per cent of current traffic) into residents who share their likes and experiences with other users.

This, in turn, will increase the site’s ability to attract ad revenues, a process it began a few months ago with the introduction of sponsored tweets.

Interestingly Twitter, which is clearly intent on moving away from its ‘140 character’ origins, has not consulted advertisers and agencies on its planned changes and doesn’t intend to until the various additions to the site, which will include redesigned pages to showcase visual content, are live.

But with its user numbers growing exponentially and everyone from politicians to business leaders plus the inevitable celebrities using the site to make announcements the new site, provided it works of course, will inevitably hoover up a rapidly-expanding share of global ad revenues.

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