Samsung and Toshiba join tablet computer battle against Apple’s iPad

Berlin’s IFA Show is the place to be this week and Samsung and Toshiba have just announced that they’re both to launch tablet devices against Apple’s iPad, with Toshiba’s Folio 100 set to hit the UK in October at just £329.

Folio 100 is a whopper with a bigger screen than the iPad and slightly heavier whereas Samsung’s offering, which uses Google’s Android system, will have a 7″ screen and be lighter than the iPad. This will worry Apple more as Apple is planing to launch its own 7″ iPad for Christmas (we think).

Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer has also dropped his own heavy hint that Sony may enter the fight too, adding a tablet computer to his range of wired up TVs, phones and games players.

Apple, although now a mass market company, remains significantly cooler with gadget fashionistas than any of its rivals and none of them can challenge Steve Jobs’ company on design.

But at the very least these entrants will put pricing pressure on Apple’s iPad.

Moreaboutadvertising remains convinced that the killer app in this market is a tablet that doubles as a phone, which holds out the enticing prospect of people walking around talking into bricks, just like they used to do in the 1990s.

What the hell, it’s a lifestyle statement.

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