Red Brick Road’s new ad for Thinkbox wins loads of admirers – but does it make the point?

Thinkbox is the UK marketing organisation for UK advertising-funded companies ITV, Channel 4 and Five. It’s run by the former PHD panjandrum Tess Alps whose enthusiasm for her client and the benefits of advertising on telly knows no bounds.

And this new commercial by The Red Brick Road has won numerous admirers, delighted by Harvey the performing dog.

But does it really say anything serious to potential TV advertisers?

It’s a difficult brief I know, especially hard to achieve in the one free medium that’s open to you.

But everybody who watches the telly knows it has impact, what advertisers need to know it what it does for them. Obviously Thinkbox and its shareholders are doing that all the time, but elsewhere.

Telly advertising is coming back into fashion, new figures from Kantar today showed that it’s leading the revival in the US ad market. One reason is that your expensive TV ads have an extra life, free, on YouTube and other video sites.

Shouldn’t Thinkbox be making this point?

Or maybe it is and I’ve missed it.

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