Prince Charles’ Duchy Originals lead Waitrose US challenge

Quite how a brand closely associated with heir to the British throne Prince Charles will fare in the US, home of the Tea Party movement named after the Boston Tea Party which kicked off the American War of Independence, is a moot point.

But ambitious UK grocer Waitrose is making its first foray in the US market with the launch of Duchy Originals, the organic food range started by Charles which Waitrose took over a couple of years ago. A percentage of Duchy sales go to Charles’ favoured charities.

Waitrose is currently looking for US retailers to handle the brand, which in the UK includes everything from milk to bacon to biscuits, and clearly reckons there are enough closet royalists out there to justify its investment.

Duchy Originals are now called Duchy Originals from Waitrose. It will be interesting to see how much the US marketing trades on the royal connection.

Charles has appeared on YouTube in his time but never, so far as we know, in a commercial or press ad. But the US is different territory, another British institution the BBC sells ads on its website over there. So this could a first for the heir to the throne.

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