It’s official, Piers Morgan gets Larry King’s old job on CNN

What a master of timing that man Morgan is; just as Simon Cowell’s talent show franchise is running out of gas (Morgan is a judge on America’s Got Talent) and every former News of the World editor (which Morgan was for a year) is about to be hauled into the dock over phone hacking, our boy is about to leg it to States in pursuit of more fame and fortune.

Larry King, 76, is finally retiring after decades grilling American politicians and celebs. Morgan has been hired, says CNN, for his ability to do the same with rather more humour, never King’s strong suit. But actually humour doesn’t play that well on US TV current affairs unless you’re Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and have a big flag with you saying, ‘this is funny.’ So it’ll be a challenge for Morgan who has yet to show he can do US-style serious.

Morgan is being typically British and self-deprecating, saying he’s happy to “fill the legendary suspenders of the man I consider to be the greatest TV interviewer of them all.” Apart from himself, of course.

But he may find his American sojourn interrupted by uncomfortable questions about his brief period as editor of the News of the World when there may or may not have been examples of phone hacking and he may or not have known about it.

An extended stay in the Chateau Marmont may be just what the doctor ordered. A master of timing, as we said.

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