Note to Democratic National Committee, when in doubt don’t change your logo!

This must be a confusing time to a Democrat in the United States, you may have problems of your own (the economy, growing rumours that president Barack Obama might step down after four years in favour of Hillary Clinton) but the rival Republicans are enduring a trauma of their own before the forthcoming elections, chiefly basket case ultra right wing Tea Party candidates (one of whom, Christine O’Donnell, apparently used to be a witch).

So the moral might be, don’t open yourself to ridicule by changing your logo as the Democratic National Committee has just done. Do something too radical and you live with the consequences for years (as, in another context, BP is doing with its green effort), do something bland and everyone asks why you bothered.

In the case of the new DNC logo it’s a bit of both. It’s trying to be all social network like Facebook or Twitter, which is radical, and it’s incredibly dull.

Will it win more votes? Er, no.

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