Has Kraft signalled the end for Cadbury’s award-winning ‘a glass and a half full production’ ads?

Well it looks like it as the new US owner of Cadbury has changed its packaging from ‘a glass and a half of dairy milk’ on each bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate to ‘426ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate.’

Kraft says it has done this on the advice of trading standards officers. Birmingham trading standards officers, where Cadbury still resides, say this is cobblers, any idiot knows what the packaging words mean.

So is this the thin end of the wedge for Cadbury under Kraft? And will Cadbury stop running the ‘a glass and a half full production’ tag on its award-winning advertising, first through Fallon and now through Saatchis?

Admittedly this commercials tag probably didn’t mean much to consumers but Cadbury, and its now departed marketing director Phil Rumbol, probably justified it as, firstly, pleasing the agency for creating mini-movies and, then, reminding consumers that this was all a bit of a laugh and not to be taken literally. That is, Cadbury Dairy Milk buyers weren’t to be confused with gorillas or, even worse, Phil Collins.

We await the next Cadbury TV extravaganza. ‘426ml Productions?’

Hasn’t really got it, has it?

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