Reminder for erring Wayne Rooney as Coleen stars in Littlewoods ‘boot camp’ ad

Coleen Rooney, aka Mrs Wayne Rooney, doesn’t look like a gal to be trifled with, as the clever new ad for Littlewood’s ‘nice boots camp’ from Leo Burnett demonstrates. She looks quite at home dishing out the orders.

It’s rather piquant though that the launch of this opus coincides with revelations in the UK tabloid press that England superstar Wayne has been caught consorting with a posh hooker. Wayne has previous in this respect although, at £1200 a night, the new model reflects Rooney’s rise to superstardom.

Rooney can expect some pretty severe non-nice boot camp treatment of his own from Coleen, if not a trip to a divorce lawyer. But at least his ‘scandal’ is out there now and there are reports that his many and varied sponsors are going to stick with him, for now.

There are supposedly two other England footballers out there whose errant behaviour is still covered by so-called ‘super-injunctions’, a clever wheeze by lawyers not just to prevent allegations being aired in the media but forbidding the media to refer to the subject of them.

The UK Football Association is still looking for a sponsor to take over from Nationwide to help fund its expensive stadium at Wembley and other functions. It’s also still searching for someone to take over as chairman from Lord David Triesman.

Not surprising that it’s struggling really. Anyway’s here’s Mrs Rooney:

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