Apple launches Ping, cuts price of TV content – but how long before Google trumps the lot?

Apple boss Steve Jobs says his new user network Ping isn’t a challenger to Facebook because Facebook is about life, Ping is about (sharing) music. But why just music?

He’s also introducing 99 cent film rentals to Apple TV, the one Apple product that has resolutely failed to take off, even he refers to it as “a hobby.”

This is all fine and good but, sooner or later, someone, probably Google, is going to produce something that doesn’t require endless separate devices. Surely the plan must be to use its Android system to produce just one device that lets you do everything: phone, watch videos, communicate with your mates a la Facebook, download apps and create documents.

It’s clearly not in Apple’s interest to do this as it makes its money from selling Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads and, of course, iTunes for Ping. Nor Sony’s as it wants you to share content all over its various devices.

But Google makes easily enough money from search to remain one of the world’s biggest companies far into the future. Android and all the rest of it is just fun at the moment.

But it wouldn’t be funny for the competition if Google produced the killer device.

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