Anomaly muscles in on Omnicom’s giant Budweiser beer account

The agency you don’t want on your case is Anomaly, the agency set up up New York by former Simons Palmer founder Carl Johnson with others.

Reports from the US say that Anomaly has infiltrated Budweiser makers Anheuser-Busch, now owned by giant Euro beer maker InBev. Budweiser, which is quite horrible really and nowhere near as good as its Czech parent Budvar, is one of the world’s big brands so Omnicom, and agency BBDO, which has had an iron grip on the account for years, will be well and truly alarmed.

Anomaly is one of these ‘integrated’ agencies that claims to be media-neutral, ie it doesn’t mind if you choose sales promotion over TV advertising.

There are lots of these agencies around and many of them do very good business; clients love them because they don’t always say ‘advertise.’

But many of them say that because the one thing they don’t offer is proper TV advertising. Anomaly is almost unique in being able to do just that, it recently won Sony Bravia from Fallon and that surely wasn’t on the basis of its shelf wobblers.

Anomaly doesn’t hit winners every time, it won and lost Diesel jeans in double quick time even while it was running its global ‘be stupid’ campaign.

But it has a high nuisance value for the networks.

Expect a big bid soon.

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