Does a 21 per cent share mean a win for Apple in the US mobile ads war?

It might well do as Apple has only been selling mobile ads since July and its iAd platform, currently on the latest iPhones and iPods, doesn’t debut on the best-selling iPad until November.

Market researcher ICD reckons Apple will take 21 per cent of the US mobile ads market by the end of the year while Google’s share, including its recent expensive acquisition AdMob, will drop from 27 to 21 per cent. Independent operator Jumptap is set to rise from ten per cent to 13 per cent with poor old Microsoft dropping from ten per cent to seven.

This might not be deemed a win by Apple boss Steve Jobs who predicted Apple would take half the mobile ads market this year but it’s still an impressive achievement, particularly given the widespread reports of delays in getting iAds campaigns into the ether. Perhaps he meant half the market from iAds’ launch.

ICD predicts that the US mobile ads market will double to $500m this year so there’s plenty to go for.

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