Wonderbra win likely to prove a handful for BBH

Sorry about that. But actually, while winning winning Wonderbra’s pan-European account against competition from Fred & Farid in Paris will cheer up BBH in London no end (it recently resigned Levi’s after 28 years and lost Cadillac in the US), the agency will have to rediscover all its creative mojo to eclipse TBWA’s famous 1994 ‘hello boys’ featuring model Eva Herzigova.

The business moves from Iris.

That particular campaign was responsible for putting TBWA creative director Trevor Beattie on the map (although others have claimed credit for the campaign) and it didn’t do Ms Herzigova’s career any harm either.

These days it would doubtless be decried by many as sexist and vulgar although there’s no doubt that putting fun into advertised boobs did wonders for all concerned, including Wonderbra.

BBH, as far as we know, sticks to its age-old policy of not presenting creative work in pitches so there are no glimmers yet of what it has in mind. But it has decent form at the cheeky end of the spectrum with its global campaign for Lynx/Axe deodorant.

I’m sure that wheeling on another model (‘super’ or otherwise) is the last thing they want to do but it will be hard to avoid, particularly as advertisers these days want their campaigns to contribute as brand properties in other media and a model pouting away on TV chat shows is likely to be seen as part of the game.

Wonderbra has been using burlesque performer Dita Von Teese (currently also performing for Perrier) to plug her own bra collection (a big one according to the interview here).

There could be a few arguments if BBH (as it surely will) wants to try somebody new.

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