Unilever invents its own ad agency for Mad Men commercials

Unilever is sponsoring the new series of Mad Men (which features start-up agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) and has invented its own 1964 agency Smith Winter Mitchell for the purpose.

There will be six ads in the campaign – for Dove, Breyers (ice cream), Hellman’s, Klondike (more ice cream), Suave haircare (how appropriate) and Vaseline. They feature creatives (although they don’t look like creatives, even 1964 versions) puzzling over what to say about the above brands and then there’s a cut of a contemporary ad to finish off. Here’s the first for Dove featuring a Peggy Olson-like secretary helping the clueless boys out.

Mad Men, for all its plaudits, doesn’t gain huge audiences for the AMC cable network or that much ad revenue so the Unilever commitment is welcome on all counts.

Interestingly the ads are made by MindShare Entertainment, a brand of the WPP-owned media agency, rather than a creative agency and very promising they look if the first is any guide.

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