TV ads work better than online says Deloitte

Well you probably knew that already, unless you’re on the board of a big company and habitually agree to increased online spending but tell the marketing director to get lost when he or she suggests that TV might be the answer.

These surveys are never conclusive but a new one by accountancy firm Deloitte and pollsters YouGov in the UK of 4,000 people suggests that most people, even young digitised people, are more likely to take account of TV ads than online display ads.

As ever with BBC business interviews there’s a bit of laziness here, the assumption is that online is a bigger ad medium in the UK than TV. But it only is if you count search, and that’s not really advertising.

Anyway Paul Lee of Deloittes makes his case.

TV is actually on its way back despite the number-crunching dimbos who prefer ‘direct’ marketing.

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