Save the nation, ban Richmond sausages campaign says DLKW’s Shute

Or that’s what Dan Shute, author of the AdLand Suit blog seems to want anyway.

And Dan has a point, Richmond sausages from Ireland’s Kerry Foods are surely one of the nastiest products ever made. Claiming to be an ancient Irish recipe, these bangers contain just 51 per cent meat and that seems a touch optimistic if you taste one. What the other 49 per cent is heaven knows.

But the UK TV campaign by agency Quiet Storm is skilfull and enduringly popular, claiming the taste of these atrocities ‘takes you back’ to a blissfully undisturbed youth, presumably a time when you could put anything in food.

Dan thinks it’s a prime candidate for the ‘Bastards Advertising Hall of Bastardry’. He also admits that his employer DLKW, recently purchased by Lowes who presumably bought Dan with it, is a touch uneasy about his trenchant opinions.

Well they won’t be pitching for Richmond anytime soon.

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