Perroni’s Senza Tempo epic – commercials are getting bigger, are they better?

Perroni has enlisted top director Gabriele Muccino, the director of Pursuit of Happyness (sic), to make a film for Nastro Azzurro beer, a five and a half minute opus on life, art, love, lost opportunities and a tiny bit of beer.

This follows its 2006 take on iconic Italian film La Dolce Vita which won plaudits around the world. Like that one this is a period piece with the director protagonist too busy sorting out his pieces of film to pay attention to the love of his life. It wouldn’t work quite so well with a Mac.

Essentially it’s a commercial though and highlights a growing trend (even though Perroni did it before), namely make a big film that people talk about and hit on the internet rather than a lot of small films that cost loads of money to run on TV.

The Mad Men series by Unilever for the new US series of the aforementioned drama is another variant (even though that campaign is running on TV) as, in its very different way, is Saatchi & Saatchi’s full-length feature film for Hewlett-Packard China, made by young people in China.

The new Perroni effort will run in cinemas and may produce yawns rather than interest on a second viewing, although there are a lot of enjoyable subtleties you don’t notice at first viewing, like the detail on the discarded newspaper.

I doubt they’ll appreciate the nearly 90 seconds of credits in a five and a half minute film though.

Eeenteresting, as Alexander the meerkat would put it.

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