Krow’s film for Fiat Punto Evo with Faithless does the job – however that’s defined

Fiat and UK agency Krow have enlisted dance band Faithless to make an ad cum sponsorship cum product placement film for Fiat’s Punto Evo, a smart-looking small car which will appeal to youngsters (who don’t pour over the reliability figures in What Car).

But it’s a nice effort in the burgeoning sector for films which defy categorisation: is this an ad, sponsorship, a brand buying a band or product placement? OK, already said that but we need to know where we put these things.

There’ll be more and more of these, especially as band revenues through record sales decline and they look for other sources of revenue.

Alas, it’s likely to favour the bland over the radical new.

I mean, who would have signed up the Sex Pistols?

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