We all knew the UK Premier League was a crooks and chancers charter – but now the Chinese government wants to buy Liverpool!

It’s one thing Abu Dhabi buying Manchester City (it’s only an allotment with a generous supply of oil wells) but the Chinese Development Corporation (possibly the biggest pile of free cash the world has ever seen) wanting to buy Liverpool should make even Peter Scudamore and the Premier League management think twice.

Allowing Premier League clubs to become essentially part of a foreign country’s marketing plan will remove the element of competition from the league completely.

And just encourage chancers like the crew at Portsmouth, who almost drove the club into liquidation today, to believe that they can buy clubs with non-existent resources in the belief that someone with some money will eventually come along. Messrs Hicks and Gillett, who did just this at Liverpool, may succeed in landing their gamble.

And the Premier League remains the world’s biggest reservoir of blind stupidity (outside the CIA and the United Nations anyway). Blackburn manager ‘Big Sam’ Allardyce today called on coalition PM David Cameron to reduce the top rate of tax from 50 per cent as it was putting off footballers from overseas.

Make this man chancellor!

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