Heineken’s Dutch ‘walk-in fridge’ viral set for UK TV

Heineken’s famous ‘walk-in fridge’ viral (2.5m hits on YouTube) is set to become a UK TV ad, a further sign of the increasingly symbiotic relationship between the web and paid-for media. Web virals have become a neat new way not just of test marketing of test marketing creative ideas but researching them at the same time.

Heineken’s agency in the Netherlands is TBWA/Neboko. Here’s a commercial version:

This will cause some gnashing of teeth at Heineken’s UK agency The Red Brick Road which has rather failed to produce noteworthy funnies despite a spirited attempted featuring a lobster in a bath.

The Dutch have also produced a follow-up based on an idiotic game show called ‘Men with Talent,’ showing that you can take the mickey out of your target audience and succeed.

Humour in advertising seems to be a lost art in the UK these days, alas.

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