Denizen brand for Asia sounds like a clever idea from Levi’s

Whether it will work or not is another question of course but Levi’s decision to launch a new brand called Denizen in Asia looks like a rational way to approach shed loads of consumers who are immune to the appeal of Levi’s trad, premium-priced jeans.

The brand, official nomenclature dENiZEN, combining ‘denim’ with zen for chilling out Asia-style, is straight out of some textbook or other but not that bad really (apart from the spelling, let’s start a campaign against sticking capital letters in the middle of words).

Levi’s is to open 50 stores in Asia (China and South Korea initially) and also a number of concessions and is planning to roll out the brand into other ‘developing’ markets.

It might find, of course, that customers in the US and Europe would quite like Denizen too and that would cause a bit of head scratching back at HQ.

And it needs a good ad agency too. BBH, which recently resigned Levi’s, is pretty strong in Asia.

Which hardly looks a serendipitious decision just now.

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