Dawn Airey and Richard Desmond – a Five marriage made in heaven?

Richard Desmond, the owner of Express Newspapers and now the new owner of UK terrestrial television channel Five, is due to address the troops tomorrow about his plans for the combined business.

We don’t know what he’s going to say but you can bet that they won’t like it.

Dessie will seek to integrate his newspapers, celeb magazine OK! and Five in a joint sell that is bound to put noses out of joint. He’s not the most popular man in media, nor is he popular with the big London media agencies who drag their budgets into his media properties on a kicking and screaming basis.

It will become even worse if he appoints his long-time ad director and old sidekick Stan Myerson, dubbed the most unpopular man in the business, to supervise this process.

So what will Dawn Airey, the CEO of Five, make of Dessie and his crew?

Well not very much probably; Dawn has had her ups and downs but she’s an old TV hand and is used to being treated politely, which is not Dessie’s usual mode. And Myerson doesn’t do polite.

So the odds are that Dawn will be on her bike (possibly back to alma mater Sky) and UK broadcast regulator Ofcom will be left to rue its decision to allow Desmond to buy Five.

Long before even the invention of terrestrial TV various popes and Roman emperors tried to do deals with Attila the Hun. They didn’t work.

Dessie is cut from the same cloth as the Mongol mogul.

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