What next for comparethemarket’s meerkats?

How to follow a phenomenally successful campaign is an agency’s worst nightmare. Whatever you come up with is almost bound to be an anti-climax and clients, ungrateful so and so’s as some of them are, are likely to move on however much money the agency has made for them in the past.

VCCP, the London agency that devised the ‘meerkat’ campaign for price comparison site comparethemarket.com, is faced with this dilemma having just produced the latest (and surely final) ad in the current series showing how the meerkats discovered their entrepreneurial bent in 19th century Russia (the first two ads showed them trecking across the desert in Africa and then fighting a battle en route).

All it needs are a few Cossacks embarking on a sabre-wielding pogrom.

VCCP though should be awarded the thanks of Parliament and lifetime pension from a grateful advertising industry for moving price comparison ads out of cheap studios with cheap actors.

Now all it needs to do is come up with something equally brilliant.

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