Apple’s Christmas present for the world – a 7″ iPad mini

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said a while ago that the company had lots of goodies in the pipeline and it’s a sure bet that one of these will makes its appearance for the Christmas buying season.

Latest rumours from Taiwan and China (and they should know as they make the stuff) are that this will be an iPad mini with a 7″ screen (the current iPad has a 9.7″ screen).

Even Apple, one suspects, has been pleasantly surprised by the success of iPad, with millions sold already around the world and Rupert Murdoch saying it’s going to save his newspapers.

Soon there’ll be lots of competitors from the likes of Samsung and they will already be thinking along the lines of a tablet computer that’s the same size as a phone. So it clearly makes sense for Apple to do it first.

But what about an iPad that can double as a phone? That would cause obvious problems for Apple which would be cutting into its iPhone market but there’ll be one eventually surely.

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