Apple disappoints Playboy fans

Playboy magazine enthusiasts who have excitedly signed up for its new premium-priced iPad app have been bitterly disappointed by the absence of certain fundamental content traditional to the magazine.

The online tech and media forums have been full of complaints about the lack of naked flesh on the app, which has had to conform to Apple’s strict no-nudity policy.

After forking out £3.20, the subscribers are understandably upset. It’s a bit like buying Top Gear magazine and finding the Ferraris and Lamborghinis have been blacked out.

All this raises a number of questions. How can a brand charge full price for an app that leaves out a key element of its offering? Is it worth Playboy dealing with Apple at all? The company has just set up a website, The Smoking Jacket, which it claims is suitable for accessing at work, so perhaps its efforts are better directed in this area.

And will Playboy founder Hugh Hefner take some radical action if and when he gains full control of Playboy Enterprises Inc by buying the rest of the shares?

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    Not even a male enhancement could give Playboy Bunny the boost it needs to get out of its financial mess. What should they be doing in order to turn this around? This is just another demonstration of companies, even those with highly recognized brands, that can’t survive forever if they don’t shift when the market does.