Wayne Rooney still a winner for Tiger beer says Iris

Iris, the agency that produced the ‘enjoy winning’ campaign for Tiger beer (we foolishly wrote initially that the agency was Saatchi & Saatchi) still reckons the England striker was a winner for the brand despite his disappointing World Cup.

“The campaign was basically about bringing guys, football and Tiger beer closer together and Rooney, being a no-nonsense, competitive character was the right man for the job,” says Iris Singapore creative director Tom Ormes.

The World Cup demonstrated in stark terms the perils of global superstars in competition-themed campaigns, most of the players in the Nike ‘write the future’ epic (including Rooney) either flopped or weren’t even selected in the case of Brazil’s Ronaldinho.

Adidas probably did best with its choices of Zinedine Zidane (safely retired) in one ad and David Beckham, injured but still omnipresent on the England bench in his official Marks & Spencer suit, in the ‘Star Wars’ opus.

“Carlsberg had that problem,” says Ormes, “as their whole campaign was built on the English players, so it was rather short-lived. Even though Rooney didn’t have the World Cup we probably all wanted him to have his following in Asia overcame that.”

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