Spurs in brand sponsor dilemma

Premiership club Tottenham Hotspur are reported to be looking for a different shirt sponsor for every competition they are in next season.

Apparently chairman Daniel Levy has come up with the idea because no one brand is willing to pay the £10 million he wants for an exclusive deal with a sole sponsor appearing on the kits in every match the club plays in 2010 to 2011.

But in these austere times, what sponsor wants to feature just in the League Cup? TV exposure is much less than in Premier League or Champions’ League games, and kids will all want to buy the shirts that feature in the glamour games.

And of course some sponsors are more cool than others. For a kid in the park there’s a bit of a difference between running around with Playstation emblazoned on your chest and the name of a DIY chain or car dealership.

Levy clearly thinks that he can get more money from a segmented deal but interested companies will simply downgrade their budgets. Moreover there will be an interminable amount of haggling over the details, which as usual will please the lawyers but no one else.

Maybe Levy should go a different route and offer free sponsorship to a big charity. Spurs would get plenty of goodwill that way and it would give the Spurs brand a little touch of class.

Whatever Levy decides manager Harry Redknapp won’t mind as long as he can keep Spurs in the top four and so secure their Champions League place for the following season.

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