Ryanair hunts for new PR agency

There are plenty of contenders for the title “Job from Hell” but running Michael O’Leary’s PR must be one of them.

Now Ryanair is looking for a new corporate communications agency after splitting with the Dublin firm Murray Consultants. Murrays has had the contract for about 15 years, which must surely qualify it for some kind of medal.

One of the reasons for the parting after such a long time was a disagreement over fees, so no surprise there then.

The company says that writing skills won’t be required (maybe Michael writes all the releases himself) but crisis management ability will be important, as well as the capacity for putting out outrageous statements while maintaining a straight face.

For example just two weeks after announcing that it was planning “vertical seats” on its planes, Ryanair says an EU court decision upholding a veto on it acquiring Aer Lingus won’t stop it bidding again.

Whatever else it may be, handling the Ryanair account won’t be dull. No doubt PR agencies are already fighting to get in to see the great man.

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