Roll up for the "manliest scent" of Bruce Willis

Hard man film actor Bruce Willis is the latest celebrity to launch his own fragrance brand, following in a long line of public faces that includes Britney Spears, P Diddy, JLo, the Beckhams and even Cliff Richard.

With the enticing slogan, the “manliest scent in the world” the brand is meant to evoke Bruce’s sweaty, shirtless hero performances in the Die Hard films, and inside the bottle is a pungent blend of cedar, east Indian grass, pepper, grapefruit, orange and geranium leaves.

LR Health & Beauty Systems is the company entering a market that is reckoned to be worth £255 million in the UK alone, and it obviously believes that there is still some life left in the Bruce/Die Hard franchise, although many people would think Bruce’s core fans might be a little too advanced in years to be core perfume types.

The whole celebrity signature scents business started back in the 1990s with Elizabeth Taylor when she launched her own fragrance White Diamonds. Previously stars had been used just to endorse or promote already established fragrances, as with Cary Grant and Faberge.

Now just about anyone who’s been on the X-Factor seems to be a candidate for being stuck in a bottle. There’s even a Katy Price perfume.

Perhaps LR would have been better off taking a more ironic, tangential route and launching a Die Hard villains perfume.

Surely there's a market for Eau de Jeremy Irons or Alan Rickman?

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