The poke reveals the Daily Mail’s editorial secrets

Better late than never, but this piece from amusing UK website the poke which ran a few days ago is a genius ‘exposure’ of the Daily Mail’s editorial secrets and should be essential reading for all those baffled by its choice of material and things to get worked up about (nearly all of it and nearly all of us).

It’s based on the celebrated London Underground tube map delightfully, London Underground union leader Bob Crow being someone the Mail often gets worked up about (as do most LU users, to be fair).

The main issue facing recruits to the esteemed tabloid is learning the likes and dislikes of its editor Paul Dacre. Dacre’s writ rules, apart from the interesting case of former UK prime minister Gordon Brown.

When Brown took over from Tony Blair he and Dacre were quite chummy, meeting to discuss the issues of the day in jolly walks around the No 10 Downing Street rose garden.

His senior hacks though, including columnists Peter McKay and Richard Littlejohn, never wavered from their view that Brown was a deranged socialist control freak (and not a Tory of course) and were allowed to write accordingly.

Dacre came round to their view before too long.

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