Larry King steps down, will Piers Morgan step up?

CNN’s Larry King is finally retiring after 25 years of Larry King Live in which period the irascible presenter has interviewed everyone from rappers to presidents. His final week included Lady Gaga and Barack Obama.

Inevitably there is huge speculation about who will succeed him although it’s quite likely that CNN will decide on a different format for its nightly programming altogether.

King himself has recommended American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest while others are tipping CBS’ Katie Couric.

Some have speculated that the UK’s Piers Morgan, a judge on America’s Got Talent, will get the nod (and not just Piers himself).

Morgan is popular in the States as he seems to be seen as the quintessential English toff (he’s not actually very posh) with an uncharacteristically sharp wit. He’s certainly a more than capable interviewer.

But Brits aren’t too popular in the US at the moment thanks to BP and Morgan bears an uncanny resemblance to BP CEO Tony Hayward, who’s possibly even more unpopular with Americans than Osama Bin Laden after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

So Morgan, who was sacked from the Daily Mirror not that long ago for running fake photographs of soldiers in Iraq abusing prisoners, may have to put his ascent to world domination on hold for a while.

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