ITV enjoys a flaming June – but are its revenues really up 45 per cent?

According to this report in the Financial Times they are, but it’s unclear where the spectacular 45 per cent increase on last year comes from. Analysts’ expectations?

But it is clear that the football World Cup has paid off for ITV in spades with flagship channel ITV 1 beating the overall increase in the UK commercial TV market.

And it seems that there’s a bit of a revival going on in telly ads worldwide as it finally dawns on advertisers that online is a great resource but a big budget TV campaign that strikes the spot can still get you further faster than any other form of legal promotion.

In the meantime new CEO Adam Crozier is tackling his new duties in a rather peculiar manner, insisting that his senior executives take ‘psychological’ tests, presumably to prove they’re not barmy.

Is this just a way of thinning the over-stuffed ranks of executives in ITV’s HQ in London’s Gray’s Inn Road or a sign that Crozier, after high-profile stints at the Football Association, the Royal Mail and now ITV has finally flipped?

As the June revenue figures show (or we think they show) ITV is a business that makes mountains of cash in good times but struggles when things tighten up.

If ITV’s leaders and shareholders could just accept this unarguable reality life would be a lot easier.

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