Holly Branson gets her own Maverick magazine

It must be a problem for billionaires, what do you do with the family?

Rupert Murdoch has found a way of course, promoting son James to heir apparent of the News Corporation empire and giving daughter Elizabeth (who says she never wanted to be part of the family empire) the odd helpful push as she has built independent producer Shine.

Son Lachlan escaped the net after an unhappy stint although he’ll probably end up running the Australian businesses.

Now Richard of Branson of Virgin fame has installed daughter Holly as publisher of a new entertainment and style magazine Maverick, apparently due to launch via iPad in October. Presumably there’ll be a bit of paper too.

Branson has always had a penchant for magazines, doing well out of his Virgin Atlantic one and also publishing something called Electric for Virgin Media customers (although I don’t get one).

Many years ago, in his music magnate days, he occurred the opprobrium of the magazine fraternity by launching a listings mag called, I think, Event.

This was hurried into life when Tony Elliott’s Time Out was off the streets because of a protracted strike, which seemed unsporting in the extreme.

Time Out eventually reappeared and Event, if such it was, folded.

Holly Branson, when she’s not being a gleaming socialite, works in the Branson empire. No doubt she’s bright as a button.

She’ll need to be to make a success of a new, niche consumer magazine in today’s market.

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