George Osborne to Sun readers: I’ve run out of ideas already, please help!

Yes, Coalition chancellor George Osborne has come clean and admitted he’s run out of ideas for spending cuts and wants Sun readers to help him out.

“Sun readers please get thinking, your government needs you,” pleads George in today’s edition of the rough and ready tabloid.

The Government is also asking the populace at large for its thoughts via its Democracy UK page on Facebook which now features a ‘Spending Challenge Channel.’

When Tory leader David Cameron secured Sun owner Rupert Murdoch’s support for his party in the run-up to the recent general election nobody quite realised the media magnate’s influence would run as far as an invitation to his followers to actually run the country.

But maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all. Just this week we had wet-behind-the-ears education secretary Michael Gove (a former Murdoch employee as a hack at The Times) making a spectacular cock-up of swingeing spending cuts to new school building. Poor Michael had to apologise in person to Parliament and he’s still not off the hook, even Coalition ministers have publicly criticised him.

Readers of the soaraway Sun would surely be more sensible. And they would probably rather like a few new school buildings.

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