Consumers seem to think the Old Spice pin-up isn’t an actor

Well so many have been talking to him and sending videos that the Old Spice system broke down.

The ad for Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash featuring actor Isaiah Mustafa, won the top TV gong at Cannes and now it’s become a viral phenomenon. Isaiah ‘talks’ to those customers who get through (or maybe the people who fancy him who get through) leading agency Wieden & Kennedy to claim it as the first ‘real time’ ad campaign.

It’s now off the net while the agency tries to come up with more ideas. Or maybe Isaiah needs a break.

A brilliant coup for all concerned of course, although one fears what other advertisers, stung into competitive action, will come up with.

It’s also interesting that the most popular man in America at the moment sounds as though he might be a muslim.

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