Colin Murray tramples over 606 caller, another triumph for Five Live and Ulster

Radio Five’s music presenter turned sports journo Colin Murray was presenting the station’s 606 phone-in this Sunday and, despite protestations that he was just a fan and knew nothing more about football than did his callers, proceeded to prevent most of them getting a word in edgeways.

In particular he stamped all over an older caller called John who was trying unavailingly to make the quite sensible point that the result of an outfield player handling the ball to prevent a goal should be the award of a ‘penalty goal,’ with no need to put a subsequent spot kick away.

Had this been the rule in the recent World Cup quarter final between Ghana and Spain Ghana would have knocked out the European champions.

But Murray wasn’t having any of it, blathering on about other penalty area incidents that had no bearing on what the unfortunate John was trying to say. John hung up.

“I was only trying to have a conversation,” wailed Northern Irishman Murray. With himself clearly.

Murray reminds you of that other voluble Ulsterman (and fellow Liverpool supporter) Alan Green, the Beeb’s star radio football commentator.

A commentary from Green is just an excuse for an airing of his (many) prejudices and, eventually, a singularly uninformative rant.

Now we’re sure there are sensible and measured Northern Irish broadcasters out there who have the odd moment to listen to someone other than themselves.

So why doesn’t Radio Five hire them?

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