Apple’s Steve Jobs holds crisis iPhone press meet behind closed doors – is paranoia striking?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been stung by criticism of the new iPhone 4, possibly the fastest-selling phone in history, on the grounds that if you hold it the ‘wrong’ way you can’t hear much.

‘Antennagate’ they’re calling it.

So he announced improvements to the operating system to a meeting in California today, but banned the media from reporting it. A few chosen geek media types were invited but that was it.

This really won’t do from Jobs who, since his return to the company he founded and then was dismissed from, has driven Apple to dizzying global status through the launch of the iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

Jobs is a commercial genius but he doesn’t see why he should deal with people who aren’t fans of Apple and everything it does. But sooner or later he has to.

Is there anyone else big enough at Apple to tell Jobs he’s making a good job of plucking defeat from the jaws of victory?

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